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Data Management (MDM)
Specialized in MDM and ETL enabling enterprises to link all of its critical data to one master file. All kinds of data bridging, cleaning and harmonization are done to streamline data sharing among various business lines.
Application Development
Bespoke software application development & off the shelf solutions, recognizing that your requirement is unique and collaborating with you to meet your goals and objectives.
Service List
Our Services List Dynamic Business Applications; making IT work for you
Data Management (MDM)
Application Development
Project Management
Business Intelligence Reporting
Mobile Applicaton Development
Tech Consultancy & Guidance
Zudrotics provides bespoke online, offline software and mobile application development; creating solutions and services that deliver modern-day functionality to meet your business needs. Our solutions incorporate functionality that will enable your staff to transact business accurately, quickly and with a customer oriented focus. Customers will benefit from a unique combination of strategic business vision and practical IT expertise that delivers the bespoke solutions within budget, which are vital to the success of every company in this day and age
Why Choose UsHow We Work
15 Years of Experience (Technical experties)
No Limit to Technology (Industry-to-date)
Faster Support (Quick response to query)
Smart Development (Cost effective solutions)
Most of our works are object oriented and ready for next projects or service. Our team of experienced experts creates the most effective smart solutions which can easily accelerate the development of any project or services in no time. All the strategies and methodologies used boosts the projects 25% from the initial planning.
Any service or project starts with a client requirement. When an engagement is approved, our team of professionals will meet them and understand their requirements very carefully. These requirements will go through the Analytical team where feasibility and possible solutions are suggested. A proposal is prepared for the client to review. Upon approval the development kicks-off. Key milestones and deliverables are set and the client is updated about the progress of the development. As the development approaches the QC stage, the beta development is demoed. Some minor tweaks or improvement can take place while it is in the QC stage as some options/elements may not be applicable and needs adjustment. After the sign-off, the service/project is being delivered to the client. Further developments, improvements, plugins or add-ons can be implemented as a change request and with an approved proposal.
Service Plan
Extra Add-on
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We have a very competitive and flexible pricing plans for our clients. All our price quotes are prepared very cautiously covering the efforts, margins and revenues for the project. Quotes are of market standard and client ROI is been guaranteed. As part of the process, our quotes are split into 3 plan types - Basic, Professional or Complete. Client requiremets are also divided into Core, Optional and Stage2 or into Future Priority. Based on the budget plan clients can choose the type of plan they can manage for the project or service. There is an Extra Add-on but only when a core plan has already been taken.
Basic Plan
Only the core requirement is proposed to meet the immediate requirements.
Professional Plan
Client will get the full product or service they have asked for. No ongoing service is included in this plan.
Complete Plan
Clients who are planning for a long term engagement as part of the project or service can choose this plan. Clients will get all the service they want as part of the engagement.
Extra Add-on
This plan is especially for CRs where a project or services has already been implemented. Clients can only ask for a particular add-on they require with a small amount of budget.
To know more about our pricing plans, please contact us with your details and interest on the particular product or service you are looking for.

"Technology has to be invented or adopted." - Jared Diamond


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