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We are in the process of creating industry standard application that is right for your business. These applications will help to get the dynamics of your products as well as helps in your daily operations. Once the projects are in the beta stage and to be able to demo, they will be listed here with their details and features. Upon launch, the project will have its individual page where the functionality and features will be explained in details.
Featured Project
ZUDRO PMS - is a performance management system used to measure the performances of your products. The application is featured with industry standard KPI's to measure the performances in different dimensions.

Key Features:
Various Reports
        Reports covering market, product or region wise. Additional reports can be added.
Filter Options
        Reports can be filtered various predefined filter, e.g. Geography, Demography, Category etc.
Multi Currency Support
        The facility to have a basic sales and volume as well as other different currencies.
Competitor Comparison
        Customer's own product vs. other competitors to identify market position.
Historical Trends
        Can handle multi years of historical data. Can be extended to deal custom period types.
Interactive Charts
        Chart displays detail on mouse hover.
Drill Down Functionality
        Drill down to the lowest level can be implemented on the agreed report.
more features...
How We Work
We have internal sessions where areas of automation or a software application is being identified to reduce the manual efforts. A brainstorming session is gone through to capture the ideas and a feasibility is put forward. After feasibility, the design team sketches the project flow and the proof of concept of the project. This design is now briefed to the stakeholders of the project for proofing and approval. Once approved the project is now in its implementation phase. While being developed, the project and its modules goes through several iterations where refinements take place. After quality and functionality checks are completed the project can now be finalized for delivery and using in next stages.
All The Projects Are Very Important To Us!
All of our projects go through certain steps no matter what the size of the project is. These steps comprise of proper planning, requirement, risk analysis, quality checks, user and functional specification, resource allocation, backup and creating the Knowledge Base. This ensures that a project is taken care with all the minimum elements it requires to develop keeping in mind that the project does not suffer the operational overhead than its size. The plan has restore points at which the path of the development can be changed if a genuine case is established to do so.

We try to make it much simpler for our clients as well as our internal development. Applications are developed in a model that the client can have the required output with a minimum click and achieve the expected output. Similarly, all the projects are developed on a modular basis, such that the modules can be plugged into another application as needed. We do open source development which provides the flexibility in developing applications as well as the developers involved in the implementation processes.

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